Marble Counter tops

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Marble is classified as a calcareous stone. It’s written mainly of calcium carbonate (just like shells and pearls). However, as Calcium Carbonate is sensitive to acidic solutions, any dab of lemon juice or other acidic spill will leave a subtle mark.
That’s why we will need to warn you: do not, by any means, use vinegar .
So, how do you wash your marble countertops?
Take a bowl and mix warm water and gentle dish soap (be sure it doesn’t contain any kind of acid). Fill a spray bottle with it, and then spray the counter lightly.
Even the glasses and cups that have an acidic solution can permeate its content to your own marble and harm it. So, use coasters all the time.
Marble everywhere!
If your marble isn’t on the kitchen countertops, but on your floors, you may want mop as frequently as possible. Don’t forget to use a clean rag. If you use a solution, go for one that’s mostly alkaline.
If you choose to vacuum, make sure that every component of your vacuum is in good condition in order to prevent scratching the surface of the floor.
You can also use rugs and mats to minimize the number of dirt and dust in your floors, because they may scratch the stone.
You may say: yes, well, my marble is sealed. This is a great thing to have! But using a sealed marble doesn’t mean that it’s incorruptible, it just makes it more resistant.
So, when an accident occurs and you have an ugly stain in your rock, identifying the sort of stain is the key to removing it.
Oil-based stains: Clean gently with a soft, liquid cleanser with one of the following: household detergent, mineral spirits, or acetone.
Organic: A coffee, tea, wine and similar type of stains might cause a pinkish-brown stain. If your marble is in outside, time, sun and rain will eliminate it, if the case is inside your home, clean with 12% hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of ammonia.
Ink/paint: Use hydrogen peroxide to get clear colored stones.
Water Spots and Rings: Hard water may accumulate and blot your marble. Buff with dry 0000 steel wool and your floor or counter will be like new!
I have no stains, but scratches!

Knowing Your Skin Type

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So as to care for your skin properly you must first determine the kind of skin you have.


The skin is soft, smooth and supple. It’s fine-textured and free of blemishes (with the exception of periodic blemishes). If this is your skin type you’re blessed; however, this doesn’t imply you shouldn’t take care of it.


This sort of skin also, has a fine texture and is transparent looking. It feels tight and drawn without moisturizer and tends to have fine lines around the mouth and eyes. This kind of skin needs proper care because it shows signs of aging early.


The oily complexion is greasy, sallow and rough. Within hours of washing the oiliness will reappear and makeup is usually absorbed quickly.


This sort of skin is oily in the T zone and the rest of the face is dry. The T zone is the forehead, nose and chin. The degree to which both areas are dry and oily may vary; however, both areas require a separate cleaning routine to restore them to balance.

Problem Skin:

Problem skin is usually oily and has a rough texture and is subject to acne. It has large pores, blackheads, red blotches and may become more irritated under stress. If the issue is serious it will require the help of a dermatologist.

There are also 2 skin conditions that may occur either together or separately and may occur with any skin type. These are sensitive and allergic conditions. If when applying skin care products you begin to sneeze, wheeze, itch or breakout you are probably allergic. Skin that appears thin, pale and flushes easily and may be sensitive and be subject to allergies. If that is the case, treat your skin gently and use hypoallergenic products. Raccoon Poop on the skin can be very detrimental.

You Can Travel And Manage Your Business

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Whether it’s following up on work, assigning tasks, checking on your company mail, or merely replying to customers, it can all be done from your cell phone.

Yes, it is that simple. But do not go running home or rushing off to your next vacation destination just yet! We need to establish how you can get all of this done and much more without being at the workplace. Keep reading to discover the key factors you will need to think about when managing your business while traveling or being off.

Key Factors to remotely managing your company:

Everyone doesn’t need to be huddled up at the conference room to conduct a good meeting; you can get distant employees, freelancers, and workers at the office all in the same meeting with only an internet connection.

Now meeting on a daily or even weekly basis can be difficult as you’re traveling since you’re mostly busy and have other things to tackle. However, meeting with the supervisors weekly or bi-weekly will guarantee your presence in the office and confirm your oversight on all business matters.

You can easily conduct meetings through Skype or Google Hangouts where everyone can see each other and even share files if necessary. You can even use Google Slides for presentations or Team Viewer to share your monitor with everyone for demonstration.

Make certain to regularly interact with your employees wherever you are and build close relations with them which can evolve into trust. If this is accomplished, you will never need to worry about business when you’re away.

You being away from the office should not mean work does not get done or is on pause. Technology created a solution for slacking or lazy employees, time tracking software. This sort of software lets you track employees working hours so you’ll always be updated with who came late or who worked overtime.

Employees will have the ability to track their changes, breaks, and leave notes in their work progress.

There are various kinds of time tracking software, some are basically focused on monitoring working hours such as ClockIn Portal that generate timesheets and can be integrated with payroll systems.

Others include a project management feature like Zoho Projects in which you can share projects, assign tasks, and follow-up on jobs.

You can also use essential project management software such as Basecamp or Asana that mainly focus on getting work done effectively. Project management software permits you to assign tasks, update them with comments, set deadlines, add attachments, and mark them as complete. With a straightforward tracking way of working hours and work progress, employees will feel obligated to stay focused and get things done quicker.

Manage Business Mail Instantly:

While traveling, your mail is something that you should not forget about. Neglecting your email for even a few days may result in problems. Unattended mail can be important contracts from customers, documents from partners or investors, or feedback from your customers.

With a virtual mailbox, you can take your mail with you wherever you go.

A virtual mailbox is a mailbox that you can access online and handle your mail. The choices vary from shredding any document or forwarding packages to opening, archiving, or downloading mail in just a few minutes. Your mail is delivered to secure mail facilities in which the envelope is scanned and uploaded into your own cloud-based mailbox that you control.

So not only is it remote access to your important mail, but it removes the need for a mailroom! This implies lesser paper storage, no mail operators, and quicker mail operations, a win-win for you and your pocket.

Now, you’re ready to go!

By following these three variables, you can manage your tasks and still have time to enjoy your vacation!

Palm Oil Plantation Business in Indonesia: How to Get Started

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Palm Oil Plantations are a really lucrative agricultural business for agriculture entrepreneurs and companies to invest in. The potential in this business makes palm oil one of the largest revenue streams in Indonesia. After the President of Indonesia Mr. Joko Widodo (Jokowi) imposed a moratorium on the land available for plantations, the value of palm oil plantations has increased dramatically.

The procedure for acquisition or take over of plantations, particularly oil palm plantations, isn’t as simple as imagined.

Considering that transactions in the property industry, especially the take-over of oil palm plantations, contain very high capital business and involve many parties as mediators, the government in this case the Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia believes the need to make rules to protect the rights and obligations of the parties involved through the Minister of Trade Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia no. 33 / M-DAG / PER / 8/2008 concerning Brokerage Company of Property Trade.

However, even though there are regulations governing trade transactions, it is not uncommon for a trade to be too convoluted and less cooperative between mediators, so that the take-over process really becomes unsuccessful or completely void.

Listed below are steps to get a palm oil plantation in Indonesia

First, get in touch with a reliable brokerage firm and ask if they’ve palm oil plantations to market. Do not contact individual brokers as they might not have the complete detail on specific plantations, and generally they are not clear with the actual relation to the accessible farm. Such cases often occur in Indonesia and you should make certain that the plantations don’t have any legal issues.

Second, ask the brokerage firm to perform the due diligence so you avoid future legal issues in Indonesia. A trusted brokerage firm should have qualified survey tools like drone mapping and a trusted agronomist / business analyst staff.

Third, make sure the selling price of the plantation is fair. Almost all individual agents markup the original cost up to 30%. You should be careful in doing business with these kinds of individual brokers because of this sort of lack of transparency. In this case you want to appoint a trustworthy broker to represent you at the take-over process. A normal commission fee of 1-3% should be expected from the farm selling facet.

Gaining an Edge With Business Intelligence Tools in Banking

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The foundation of banks, like any other business, is”data”. This data comprises customer information, operational data, compliance information and much more. Then, why is it that even now when the banking sector is growing like never before, there’s still lack of smart and intuitive tools such as Business Analytics and Intelligence to nurture this data.

Business Intelligence is the scope of using the power of analytics and reporting to utilise the banking data to determine new markets/prospects, manage risks and make decisions based on actionable insights.

According to Forrester, BI is recorded as a top technology priority for CIOs for five successive years across all of the industries.

As a consequence of the many changes happening in the last year concerning banking regulations, lower interest rates and NPA levels reaching an all-time large, bank’s profit margins are severely affected. Banks have to work out new ways of doing business and make profits by strengthening their customer relations.

It’s been noted that the banks who have already invested in BI technology are gaining a competitive edge on their competitors. On exploiting the advanced capabilities of analytics and BI banks can:

• Gain opportunity to cross-sell services and products to all customers

• Reduce cost of collecting, formatting and polishing banking information

Though business Intelligence in banking is relatively a new idea, however, it has been embraced with open hands. And, it’s just increasing in its capacities. With each passing day, measures are being taken to make BI tools more robust, accessible, economical and attainable.

The banking CIOs are excited about investing in BI in future. Check out the Indian banks who have already been availing the benefits of New Smyrna Beach Wildlife Removal and Business Intelligence.

Setting our Banks for Future with BI

The trick to effectively serve banks’ clients is by correctly utilising the information for offering them greatest value whatsoever times. Banks must differentiate their products and encourage customers to select them by highlighting how they are better. Plugging-in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications can prove to be a fantastic idea alongside a nicely implemented BI solution.

For this, there must be enough coordination between the business and technology deployed. Banks and other financial institutions can surely unlock new horizons of company growth by efficiently utilising organisational data and thus gain valuable, actionable insights.

You have one too

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Do you have a junk drawer? If you do not, then you are either a two-year-old or you’re blessed with all the no-pack-rat gene.

“Honey, where do I locate a screw to fit this bracket?” Calls my husband out of the kitchen.

“In the junk drawer!” I shout from upstairs.

If you are a pack rat, then it is likely you have a”junk closet” or even a”junk room” (known as a garage or pantry). Do you sometimes feel that you’ve become cluttered or have difficulty finding things? If you’re just starting out at a new place, then you don’t have to worry much about this problem, unless you’re moving from an old place. If you’re moving from an old location, then you’re likely to replicate the identical junk problem on your new location. Whether you have junk or are about to start creating junk, here are a few strategies to become more organized.

First, I have to inform you that I am a junk drawer urge. If you’re over 18, you will need junk drawers. If you are excessively organized and don’t have crap drawers, then you don’t need to read any further. You are, in scientific circles, what they call an”outlier”, i.e., not ordinary.

They’ve a mind of their own. They are a convenient area to hide things before guests come over, for cleaning things off counters, and for placing miscellaneous things in that you don’t know what to do with. Finally… the drawer won’t close.

So, secret number one is to have more than 1 junk drawer. Ideally, you should have a junk drawer in every room. This obeys the principle of”keep it where you use it.”

If you have another drawer with the identical stuff, consider putting”like with like” unless you will need the duplicate items in another area.

Secret number two would be to put a few baggies and masking tape with a pen in each drawer. When you end up throwing something to the drawer, such as a charging cable, put it in the baggy and write down what it goes to. This technique also works well for toy parts and miscellaneous electronics and hardware.

Secret number three is to sort the drawers twice per year. With small boxes and baggies handy, remove the things you are not using and put them together from all the drawers. If you are the pack rat (“Honey, I know I am going to want this broken blender base someday”), then each of these items will go to a marked box in the attic or garage. If you’re not the pack rat, then see what could be recycled, thrown out, or donated to Deland Wildlife Removal.

Finally, purchase a number of clear plastic drawer sets from the local household goods store and place these in strategic locations for tools, screws, hardware and glues, and other types such as batteries and electronics. The options are endless. If you’re fortunate enough to have a few cabinets, then you can designate an entire shelf to these special organizers.

Looking for something? Now you’ll know just where to look.

Effect of Caffeine

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A lot of individuals take beverages that contain caffeine for a variety of reasons. However, the substance has side effects particularly when it is taken beyond the body’s requirements. Caffeine doesn’t have any nutrient content and it doesn’t have any taste.

Caffeine is a chemical that is naturally obtained from plants and it may be artificially produced also. A great deal of plant seeds contain caffeine like kola nut and coffee beans. There are lots of drugs that you can get over the counter that contain caffeine since it has some health benefits when taken as prescribed. It’s not healthy to consume more than 400 milligrams of caffeine on a daily basis in regards with some nasty effects.

You will find out more about caffeine, the damaging effects in the human body and how it can be avoided. When you consume caffeine on a regular basis your body adjusts to its consequences but the amount of tolerance depends on your age, body mass, and other health conditions.

Central Nervous System
Caffeine functions as a stimulant on the nervous system as it get to the mind fast. It makes you more alert and energetic, keeping you awake and much more energetic. A great deal of people use it to avoid being drowsy. However, an overdose of caffeine can lead to a headache so you will need to watch out. Symptoms of withdrawal include stress, irritation, and drowsiness.

Celebration Wildlife Removal gets to your mind quickly and also functions as a central nervous system stimulant in the body. The most noticeable effect is endurance. It can make you feel more awake and less tired or likely to sleep, so it is a common ingredient in medications to treat drowsiness.
Although there is common understanding of drinking coffee to recoup from the negative hangover of too much alcohol, caffeine does not really help your body process alcohol any faster.

If you’re not accustomed to the material, then caffeine can make you extremely nervous especially when taken in large volume. What’s more, it’s not perfect for men and women that experience insomnia.

Withdrawal from caffeine can lead to nausea and vomiting. The symptoms of caffeine overdose include nausea, excessive thirst, and increased urination.
Caffeine increases the acid content in your stomach and contributes to stomach upset or diarrhea. Withdrawal symptoms include nausea, whilst overdose symptoms include diarrhea, increase in urination and thirst.

An overdose can lead to irregular heartbeat and other heart related issues.

Osteoporosis: When there is an overdose of caffeine in the body it affects the bones since the substance is absorbed by the body and it interferes with the metabolism of calcium.

Reproductive system: Pregnant women need to be cautious when taking caffeine as it could increase the heartbeat of the baby. An overdose can reduce the growth of the child in the uterus and increase the incidence of miscarriage.

It is important to always confirm from the physician if ingestion of caffeine is good for your health to prevent any complications.

When a little caffeine is taken it has little or no side effects so the amount of the substance consumed determines the outcome.

Due to the damaging effects of caffeine you will need to be cautious whenever it’s necessary for to take this material.

All You Need To Know About Fantasy Football

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Playing fantasy football, whether for fun or real money, is a excellent way to enjoy one of America’s favorite sports, professional football. As a beginner, you’ll probably be playing with experienced managers that already know the nuances of the game. This quick guide is designed to demonstrate how to play fantasy football for novices, and possibly level the playing field only a little.

Selecting a League Format

When you sign on a free or real money fantasy football site, you’ll be asked to register. If it is a real cash site, you will also be asked to make a deposit. Free sites typically are used for league play in which you draft a team and play that team in a league format for a whole season. Real money sites concentrate on weekly contests where you pay the contest fee and choose your group for that particular contest only based on salary cap limits. Regardless of which format you select, you must take the time to comprehend the rules and the scoring so as to determine how to best develop your team.

As a beginner, you will most likely have a casual approach to picking players, preferring not to commit a great deal of time on statistical analysis. That is fine and understandable, but you must bear in mind that some of your competitors will use that information, which provides a little advantage over people who don’t.

Strategies for Picking Players in an Yearly League Format

Note: standard leagues use offensive skilled position players, kickers and team defenses only. If individual defensive players are included, it’s referred to as a “IDP” league.

1. As you’re drafting your team, choose the best available player for each particular position first before you begin drafting backup players.

2. Draft a balanced team and try not to over-focus on one particular position. Additionally, you need to avoid drafting your favorite players unless they will truly help you in the scoring.

3. Look for a “scoring prejudice” in the scoring rules. This refers to the notion that some leagues sets scoring rules which may favor the QB a little. If this is the case, you want a top QB. Otherwise, you need to give a little additional focus to running backs and wide receivers.

4. Pick kickers and team defenses towards the end of the draft since they seldom provided any real advantage over a full season.

5. Watch your “bye” weeks. You should make sure both your QBs do not have the same bye week, which would induce you to the waiver wire or to lose points.

Pests Control Tips for Picking Players for Weekly Contests

When playing for money, you should alter your focus. You’re not drafting players, you’re selecting the very best group of players that you can without exceeding the salary cap.

1. Find value by choosing good offensive players scheduled to play against poor defensive teams. On the opposite side of the coin, you should avoid offensive players going up against the top defenses.

2. You should read weather reports and attempt to avoid players who may be playing in rain or snow. If you picked your teams well in advance, go back and make adjustments as necessary before match time.

3. Search for streaking players who may be under-valued and avoid slumping players who may be over-valued. Do not be afraid to play the trends.


5. Never play with more cash than you can afford to lose.

Every week, it’s all your responsibility to manage your team. In league formats, fellow supervisors are expecting you to show up and play each week to the best of your skill whether you are in first place or last. As time passes, you may better understand the objectives and will begin making better decisions. At the end of the day, this is a match. Have a terrific time and enjoy.

Cutting Edge Treatment For PTSD

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This daring mission attracted me to Mission 22 when I first heard about the group.

According to News, more veterans die by suicide each year than…

More veterans die by suicide each year than the total of U.S. military deaths in the entire Iraq war and Afghanistan war combined!

Mission 22 started when a friend that co-founder Magnus Johnson served with took his own life. Magnus learned that 22 veterans a day were taking their own lives and this shocked him into action. His friend and fellow former Green Beret Mike Kissel joined with him to found Mission 22. They began with a large-scale public art project in Nashville, Indiana as a way for veterans and civilians to work together to raise awareness of veteran suicides.

Then they asked themselves the question: When there is a national monument honoring those who died in virtually every war fought for our country, why couldn’t there be a monument to those veterans who’ve lost the fight after coming home by taking their own lives?

So was born the moving large scale monument shown in the photograph above. Mission 22 states: “We honored 20 veterans who lost their lives here at home after serving our country abroad.”

Their mission has grown to include multiple ways for veterans, their families and communities to find help. Most dramatic to me would be the cutting edge healing programs which are giving remarkable results. Before we look at the healing programs in more detail, let us take a look at the national problem.

Veteran and Civilian Suicides

Veterans end their own lives in a rate much higher than civilians. Among men, the risk for suicide in 2014 was 19% greater for Veterans compared with U.S. civilian adult men. And for women, the risk for suicide in 2014 was 250% greater among freshman than U.S. civilian adult ladies!

The Veterans Administration is putting more resources into trying to stop suicides, with an enlarged suicide hotline and increased mental health counseling. Still millions of Veterans either don’t visit a VA facility or are not adequately helped when they do. Thus the need for Mission 22 and affectionate groups like them.

The rate of Veteran suicides is greatest among the youngest Veterans ages 18 – 29. This is true for both male and female Veterans. However, the total number of Veteran suicides is still much larger among older Veterans, simply because there are so many more older than younger Veterans. So help is needed among all Veterans age classes.

Mission 22 Treatment Programs

Mission 22 now has two treatment programs that focus on Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress. The goal is not to medicate and conceal the problems our veterans are facing but to heal them. Mission 22 website
According to Mission 22: “More than 350 Veterans have reclaimed their lives” by using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) in conjunction with other modalities such as nourishment and medical massage.

HBOT treatment enhances the body’s own healing process. People inhale 100% oxygen in a entire body room, where the oxygen level and atmospheric pressure can be controlled for safety. HBOT has been helpful as a post-concussion remedy for football players and other athletes. The similarity with brain injuries suffered by Veterans led to the Mission 22 program.

The FDA has approved HBOT for a variety of conditions, although not yet for traumatic brain injury. But, Mission 22 has seen such good results that the team covers the cost for Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress or brain injury to experience the HBOT treatment program.

A clinical study published in the Journal of Neurotrauma in 2012 demonstrated significant benefits of HBOT for both physical and emotional issues in a group of 16 Veterans with brain injuries. * HBOT is known to aid by reducing inflammation and increasing blood circulation to the brain, but there’s still much more to learn about how it works.

Full Spectrum Health Center

Another cutting edge program Mission 22 uses entails bringing balance back to the body, emotions and mind. Working together with the Full Spectrum Health Center in Chicago, Veterans can be treated at home where they live in the country. According to advanced and evaluation blood testing, an individual treatment plan is developed for each Veteran to heal imbalances in their lives and bodies.

The goal of the Full Spectrum Health Center is powerful. The practice states: “Full Spectrum Health Center for Endobiogenic medication (FSH) uses a new approach to heal soldiers and veterans from the inside out.”

“Our strategy is to understand who you are and why you suffer with specific symptoms. Using the most sophisticated type of personalized medicine: Endobiogeny, our objective is to heal you, your relationships with yourself, your family, and your community. Our approach relies on balancing and optimizing the four keys to wellness: Body (hormones, nerves, brain, digestion), Mind (spirituality: a trip to inner wholeness), Diet (nutrition for your body’s needs), Lifestyle (stress reduction, sleep, exercise).”

The Full Spectrum Health program comprises plant-based therapies, pharmaceuticals if needed temporarily to help patients stabilize, self-integration work to get more control of thoughts, feelings and actions, and pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.


Mission 22 was founded by Veterans to reduce the tragedy of Veteran suicides. They started with an emphasis on education and now coordinate their efforts with numerous groups around the country.

Mission 22 helps cover the cost for these two therapeutic programs that help Veterans with post traumatic stress or traumatic brain injury rebuild their lives, so they are accepting donations to finance Veterans who want to go through both of these programs.

Should You Meal Prep?

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If you’re like many people, you groan at the thought of performing meal prep. While you know that it is something you need to do, it doesn’t mean you like it! Meal prep takes time, but if you look at preparing state your veggies only once for the entire week, then you’ll find it easier to eat healthy home-cooked meals daily. Some foods, some veggies are easy to prepare ahead of time and save well. There are steps you can take with your meal preparation to make the task easier and you will find you spend less time doing the meal prep and more time enjoying your meals!

Let us examine a few meal-prep ideas…

1. One Recipe, Many Variations. Perhaps the most significant time-consuming task with meal prep is trying to determine what to cook in the first place. You must hunt down recipes, figure out what is going to work with your weight loss diet and then buy all the groceries required. Time-consuming stuff!

Instead, look at locating one recipe that provides several variations. As an example, you might make a vegetable stir-fry. You may just alter the vegetables you put in the skillet, swap out the chicken for beef as desired, and also change the Satellite Beach Wildlife Removal a little. It is the same meal overall, but with small changes which should be enough to keep you interested in continuing to carry on with your weight loss diet plan.

The more you become accustomed to preparing the same type of meals repeatedly, the easier it’ll be to plan your meal prep out for the week.

2. Slow cooking is super simple, and a process of cooking everybody should get into doing from time to time. Plus, you can produce a significantly sized batch, so you’ll be eating healthy meals many times throughout your week.

3. The previous idea to think about is buying pre-chopped vegetables. Cutting up vegetables is often one job people dislike doing the most, so make it easier for yourself.

As you will pay a little more for pre-chopped vegetables, it is money well spent.

There you have a few ideas to consider using to make meal prep easier. If you follow these tips, sticking to your weight loss diet will be simpler than ever.

Although managing your disease can be very challenging, Type 2 diabetes is not a condition you need to just live with. You can make simple adjustments to your everyday routine and reduce both your weight and your blood sugar levels. Hang in there, the longer you do it, the easier it gets.

Do Your Shoes Matter In Soccer?

Soccer Player Kicking White Gray Soccer Ball on Green Grass Field

Get familiar with the various categories first

Football is one of the most popular sports out there and gamers get excited rather than intimidated when they have a game. For every player to give their best Satellite Beach Opossum Removal during the match, they ought to have the ideal gear for the game. Apart from choosing the right clothes to match all of the running and sweating which is included with the game, you would also have to make the ideal choice of soccer shoes. The ones you choose may not add much to your playing abilities, but they will indeed determine how possible it is to bring out your best skills. An uncomfortable one will not do you much justice and so is a boot made for your play style.

Each player has a different playing style and the different positions should dictate what is ideal. If you are a participant who sticks to a specific position, then you need to choose the ones made for that position in terms of performance. So who needs what when it comes to the shoes? Given below are some categories of fielders who play in various positions and need different kinds of shoes.

Goalkeepers – If you are a golly, then you need one with wonderful traction and one which makes it possible for you to move fast. One with a strike zone that is well structured also makes the best one so kicking out and back passing is simple for you.

Midfielders – They want ones that offer them control and capability to easily run up and down the soccer pitch at maximum relaxation.

Defenders – They face most attack in the pitch and they therefore need to test for ones that provide then the essential foot protection. It should also help them achieve clean passes.

Knowing your position demands will surely make it easier to choose the one which serves your needs. You can also make this procedure a success by making yourself familiar with the categories out there. With this information in mind, you will be able to narrow down your search for the most suitable type.


They are handy for players searching for fast control and passes that are strong enough.


This category of soccer shoes is generally lightweight. They incorporate synthetic uppers and minimal design on the general so that they stay as lightweight as possible to help speed.


They are deemed to have a brain because of the different technologies used on them to add some oomph in the play especially when hitting the balls.


These are focused more on comfort and durability hence they have more leather and less technology.


They’re a mix of different styles, hence they can offer speed and control at the same time. They may be lightweight too, but still include a technology around pass zone to make the stand out.

Set Your Boundaries

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As a child, I was deeply influenced by the story of Cinderella and if someone in the family asked who your favorite is, I’d proudly announce her name. I wanted to wear apparel like Cinderella and wanted to have fairy as a friend. When somebody asked why I enjoy her so much, I’d say because she is beautiful, truthful and kind. She always helps others and does good things to even people who are bad. She never says “No”.

We grow up watching films or family examples where elders talk in front of us that people who say no are bad. Frequently “kindness” is associated with saying “yes” but in reality these are two distinct things. According to psychologist Dr Susan Newman, author of “The Book of No” the challenge is more in women than men. In the words of Dr. Newman, “Women are raised to be care givers and nurturers, and that is why the issue is more prevalent for women than men”, however in my opinion the problem isn’t gender specific and it exists both in women and men. For some people this becomes a habit, or even an addiction.

So as to understand this little better let me tell you the reasons that makes a person always say yes-

For Love- it’s proven fact that human beings are emotional and all of us want love and affection. This is one of the most crucial reasons that lead some people to say yes because we think saying No will draw people besides us and we won’t be loved as much. The idea of rejection is painful and sometimes just from doubt, a number people say yes despite the fact that we would like to say no in our heart.
For showing kindness- We all have seen this in the films that good folks are always kind, Satellite Beach Squirrel Removal and giving, and bad men and women are always unkind.They always say no to everyone. Saying No is often related to rudeness and hence we choose to be kind instead of being rude.
For uncertainty of future- We often take wrong jobs and stay with people who take us for granted just because we develop a comfort zone around those familiar people and jobs. As humans, we feel danger in the unknown areas and for that reason keep giving ourselves false excuses; to stay in those erroneous jobs and with wrong people and keep saying yes to the things that make us unhappy. Hence, some of us as adults, find it difficult to say no to elderly people and to the supervisors at work place.
The cycle that starts in our youth keeps going and we are trapped to the extent that we start feeling guilty whenever we say no to people. In the majority of the cases it is just an over hyped situation that we build in our minds. In some other cases however, things get weird after people, that are habitual of listening from us suddenly start getting no. They start feeling that we have turned arrogant and some even feel betrayed. The same thing happens in the workplace where our coworkers and managers do not expect us to say no.
In spite of all these impacts, in my opinion saying no is much better than saying yes for most of the things because of the following reasons-

It provides you the opportunity to be true to yourself- Saying No to matters that makes you miserable saves your time and energy for doing other productive stuffs. It gives you the time to become really involved in the things that you truly enjoy doing.
Great for mental health- There is nothing worse than saying yes for something you don’t want to do. In my personal experience, it attracts a lot of frustration and unnecessary stress. Saying No without feeling guilty will help you feel relaxed and you can do your routine with greater attention and positive energy.
It provides you the confidence to demand what you think you deserve- Learning to say No gives boost to your confidence level and can help you to need for the things you actually deserve, whether it’s respect in personal relationships, higher pay or increased responsibilities at work.
It helps you understand who your true well wishers are- People who stick to you for getting favor of any sort will not stay with you once they learn that you’re capable of saying No to them. Hence, it’s also a fantastic technique to understand who all your real wishers are.
Saying No is extremely tough for men and women who are in the habit of saying yes. Some suggestions derived from my personal experiences to tackle this issue-
Understand that saying no doesn’t makes you a bad person- As adults, it’s our decision whether to say yes or no for something. Letting go off the youth preaching and saying no with confidence doesn’t makes you a bad person.
Take some time before you say yes- Every time someone asks you to do something, do not say yes right away, rather take time (a day or two), and think whether you actually want to do it. After contemplating, politely accept or refuse the request.
Remember that your self-worth does not depend on what others think of you- Your self-worth is exactly what you recognize and it should not be subject to opinion of other people. You don’t need to please everyone you know. Realize that you’re better than that and certainly worth much more.
It is a good thing to be considerate, helping and generous. A person can be kind and in the same time set his/her boundaries. It is important not to lose ourselves and our self-respect on the way to becoming saying yes. In the words of Paulo Coelho, “When you say yes to others, make sure you are not saying no to yourself” and in the words of Tony Blair “The art of leadership is saying no, not saying yes. It is very easy to say yes”.

Sailing with Your Fur Baby

If you go on a vacation, the biggest challenge you will encounter is finding someone who would be prepared to feed and look after your pet while you are away. So, it can be a great idea to tag your pet along on your next trip. There are lots of pet friendly rentals sailing companies that lets you take your pets.

1. Make sure your dog is properly hydrated. Bring plenty of water and let your dog drink every thirty minutes.

2. Give your dog a life jacket. Prior to going boating, it is important to ask your vessel rental company if they have a dog life jacket. If not, you may need to purchase one. Make certain to choose a coat that fits your dog well.

3. Attempt to check the boat with your pet prior to your boating trip. Dogs are usually scared when you set them in a new environment.

4. It’s necessary to check the local laws about boats and dogs before you go on your boating trip. While countries, in general, do not prohibit travelling or sailing with dogs, some cities and countries do. So, it is important to double-check the neighborhood pet traveling laws of your sailing destination before you take your pet with you.

5. Your first aid kit should include the following:

• Tweezers
• Pet carrier
• Ice pack
• Non-latex gloves
• Gauze rolls
• Hydrogen peroxide
• Adhesive tape
• Cotton balls
• Antiseptic spray
• Rectal thermometer
• Scissors
• Petroleum jelly
• Penlight
• Nail clippers
• Towels
• Tongue Depressors
• Rubbing Alcohol

Additionally, make certain to bring your pet first aid book, the telephone number of the veterinarian, and the paperwork of your pet.

6. Place pet-friendly sunscreen in your dog. Some dogs need protection against the damaging rays of the sun. So, if Something is living in my attic your dog is sensitive to the heat of the sun, then you should certainly rub some sunscreen on him before you go on your boating trip.

7. Place a collar with an ID tag on your dog’s neck. Don’t forget to place your contact info on the label.

8. Create a place where your dog can urinate or poop such as puppy pads or small litter box.

9. If you are travelling outside the country, it’s best to secure a pet passport first prior to going on your trip.

10. Be sure that your dog doesn’t disturb wildlife.

11. Do not allow your dog to drink from the sea or the canal water.

12. Make sure that your vet performs a regular check-up on your pet before you depart for your trip. You need to make certain your pet’s vaccination is current.

Pet friendly rentals sailing experience is fun and it enables you to strengthen your bond with your pet. Nevertheless, you must take safety pre-cautions first before you take your pet to your next boating trip.


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Easy Landscaping

When you decide to undergo landscaping changes, then you should consider not just the last appearance and the total project cost of the project, but also how demanding the maintenance will be. And this isn’t something that you ought to put into your next priority. Since you no doubt are a busy homeowner, time is always of the essence, thus you want a landscape design that doesn’t demand you to pay more time you have. You need a low-maintenance landscape design program!

Here are six ideas that will assist you design a low-maintenance landscape layout.


If you are trying to limit your budget, you may end up buying cheap landscape materials. Inexpensive is okay as long as they’re of high-quality and enduring. But typically, you get what you pay for. And if you purchase cheap landscape material, you may wind up spending more in the long run. Buy high quality and durable landscape materials right from the start – those which do not require frequent replacement.

2. Keep Your Lawn Place to a Minimum

Landscaped yards with yards are beautiful. But lawns can be costly and high-maintenance. Raking and edging consumes an incredible amount of money and time, and of course the regular liming, fertilizing, Bee Removal Services, mowing, watering, rolling, thatching, and use of pesticides merely to maintain a lawn well maintained.

A good low-maintenance alternative to lawn is moss. Moss can adapt to areas where grass refuses to grow. Another low-maintenance grass option is clover.

3. Avoid High-Maintenance or Problem Plants

Live oak, red maple, butterfly bush Virginia willow, dwarf bamboo, sedum, gardenias, rain lilies – these are a few of the hard-to-maintain trees, shrubs, perennials, and ground covers you’ll want avoid. Instead, start looking for landscape plants that can adapt to extreme temperatures; are more conducive to dry or wet periods; more resistant to fungal problems, disease, and insects; and more elastic to poor soil conditions.

4. Consider a Rock Garden

A rock garden is the best substitute for high-maintenance trees, plants, lawns, and even trees. Rock gardens do not need regular trimming, mowing, watering, etc..

5. Place Plants in Masses

Planting in masses not only assures that the plants grow densely and consistently but also makes mowing and trimming edges simpler. These plant groupings may also vague less-than-lovely fences, views of neighbors, or bins.

6. Place the Right Size Plants in the Right Places

Tall trees or large plants positioned underneath electrical and utility lines, sheds, home windows, and doorway entries often require constant pruning to prevent them from exceeding the desired height and thickness. The issue is, during the preparation, this isn’t thought about as any plant or tree is yet to be seen as a problem. Nonetheless, it is important to understand the characteristics of the plants that you are planning to use in your landscape design. Ask the nursery owner for crops which grow within your desired height.

It’s Summer!! Time To BBQ!!

Serving food to a group of kids is a bit trickier compared to cooking for adults. This is because they tend to only eat what they find attractive or what is familiar to their taste buds. So if you’re planning a children’s party, why don’t you take it out in the yard? Your guests will have a lot of room for games and you can serve them these yummy barbecue recipes for kids!

Grilled Baby Ranch Burgers

8 small soft dinner rolls, divide
3/4 kilogram ground beef
4 leaves lettuce, halved
8 slices plum tomatoes
1/2 cup ranch dressing
1 tsp olive oil
Kosher salt and ground black pepper
Sliced carrots and celery for serving
Using clean hands, form the ground beef into 3-inch patties. Season each with kosher salt and black pepper. Oil the grates and cook patties over medium high heat for about 4 to 6 minutes per side or until great grill marks appear and meat is cooked through. Place grilled patties on dinner rolls, spread with ranch dressing top with tomato and lettuce. Serve with chopped carrots and celery.

Watermelon Wedges With Minty Lime Sugar

1 kilogram fresh watermelon wedges
1 lime, zested (zest finely grated)
4 fresh mint leaves, finely shredded
3 1/2 tablespoons golden caster sugar
Lime wedges for serving
To prepare the minty lime sugar, mix together lime zest, shredded mint leaves and 2 1/2 tablespoons golden caster sugar. Set aside. Toss the watermelon wedges in the remaining sugar. Heat watermelon on a grill over medium high heat for just a few seconds each side until grill marks appear, using tongs to flip. Put on a serving platter, sprinkle with minty lime sugar and serve with lime wedges.

Mini Campfire Smores

What you need:

8 Rich Tea Biscuits
8 chunks chocolate of your choice
4 large marshmallows
To make 1 smore, sandwich 2 chunks of chocolate and one marshmallow between 2 biscuits. Wrap each smore with heavy duty aluminum foil and cook on a pre-heated grill over medium high heat for 1 to 2 minutes each side. Allow to cool for a few minutes before unwrapping the foils. It’s important to be sure they are cool enough for kids to eat. Drizzle with melted chocolate before serving if desired.
Planning a backyard grill for children is not going to be a problem if you call Wildlife Control Service Palm Bay to remove unwanted guests!

Surviving Traveling With Kids

When you become parents, one of the basic goals that you wish to work on is to develop good and amazing memories with your kids. You want your children to have the happiest and most fulfilled childhood and you’re definitely planning how to make it just that way for your children. One of the most memorable and rewarding experience that parents want to spend with their brood is obviously travelling with them especially for a holiday. If you want to create good, pleasant and enjoyable memories to your kid’s head for them to cherish and look back when they grow up; you need to be prepared for an enjoyable travelling experience. When traveling with kids, you will need to plan for your trip carefully. There are just two things you will need to remember when you intend to travel with your kids.

While adults are more patient when traveling regardless of how far it can be, kids can easily be bored during long trips. As a parent, you need to pay attention and know how to tackle this problem. Road trips as well as air travels can get boring for children so you need to have something that should keep them occupied particularly with journeys that take too long. How? Well, by simply preparing travel games that will occupy their mind and save you from dealing with their boredom that might make them throw tantrums.

Among the easiest travel games which you can teach your kids is the game “20 Questions”. This is one of the most popular choices of parents travelling with kids. In this game, 1 player (it could be you!) Thinks of a thing and the other one asks 20 questions that is answerable only by yes or no in order to determine what item the first player have in mind. The player who makes the ideal guess is proclaimed the winner of the round.

Besides keeping your children occupied during travel is important, another concern that you need to be ready about is the possibility of mishaps that kids often encounter understanding how vulnerable they are. Kids are prone to cuts and bruises so it is important that you bring along a small bag containing bandages, antibiotic and burn ointment, gauze pads, Pest Critter Controlcough syrups, paracetamol for sudden fever, not to mention insect repellents for children. Kids can be too active and of course you don’t want to present yourself as the parent that would like to limit the fun your kids can enjoy. Having something handy in case of small accidents will be sufficient to ensure that you can act upon the needs of your children in small emergencies such as bruises and small cuts. But just the caring parent that you’re, it is important that you’re always attentive and alert on your children movements to be certain that little emergencies would remain little as the word suggests.

Opossums…Not That Bad After All!

Many individuals think that opossums are aggressive due to their large mouths and 50 sharp teeth! Actually, opossums are solitary, gentle and placid animals. They avoid confrontation! Adults are normally quite slow moving and will only open their mouth to show their teeth and hiss when fearful. They do not initiate aggression. They will retreat whenever possible.

Opossums are actually very beneficial to our neighborhoods. They are omnivores, so they eat both meat and plant. They are basically scavengers, cleaning up the rotten fruit and debris in our lawns, in addition to  roadkill, etc. They will eat insects, snails, slugs, worms, berries, nuts, grass, leaves and pet food. They are quite adaptable and make due with whatever food and water is available. Pretty much every lawn has opossums walking around at night. Trust me, they are not a threat to you or your pets.

Adult opossums are about the size of an adult cat. The tail can be 9″ to 21″ long. They use their thick, prehensile tail to climb and sometimes to carry leaves, etc.. Opossums can live in trees and the adults can’t hang by their tails while they sleep. Opossums will make a den in any dark, quiet place. They do not put much effort into making a house.

Opossums are North America’s only marsupial mammal (female which has a pouch for carrying her young).

The Opossum’s breeding season is from February to June. They become adults and start breeding at 1 year old. They could have 1 – 2 litters per season, depending upon the climate. The gestation (time from conception to birth) is just 12 – 14 days. The mother has 13 teats and that is the maximum number of babies she can nurse. Usually, 13 babies won’t make it in the pouch and of those that do, only about 3 to 6 will make it to weaning age. The infants are born undeveloped embryos. They’re only about 1/4″ long and about the size of a Honey Bee. After they are born, they scoot into the mother’s pouch where they latch onto a teat. After the babies latch on, the teat swells and elongates and they remain there constantly.

The babies are weaned at 2-3 months old and are considered juveniles. They become independent of the mother when they are 6 – 12 months old and approximately 7″ to 10″ long. They become mating adults when they are 1 year old. The adult males are larger than the females.

The actual truth about “Playing Possum” is probably much different than you thought. When Opossums are really frightened, they go into an involuntary “shock – like” or “fainting state.” They first wake up by wiggling their ears.

When they are unconscious, they normally have an open mouth and seem to be dead.

Opossums just live 2 – 4 years. They have a good deal of predators! Between individuals, cars, dogs, cats, owls and bigger wildlife, opossums don’t survive very long.

So, the next time you see one roaming around at night, try and look the other way.
They really are not as bad as they seem. IF you require humane relocation of an Opossum you can contact Melbourne FL Raccoon Removal for assistance.

Do You Have Nyfitsaphobia?

I’ve been there. The mouse wasn’t any larger than my hand, yet for some reason it frighten the hell out of me. But there’s something which you can begin using today to get the better of your fear.

In many instances a compulsive fear of mice or rats is a stimulated conditioned response, combined with (and originated in) the startle reaction (an answer to an unexpected stimulus) that is common in many animals, including humans

It is not deemed a true disorder. Yet that doesn’t help you in the event you fear rats and mice!

The Black Death

I believe much of our anxieties can be attributed to history. Certainly in Europe we have all learnt about the Black Death. That rats and mice carry disease and death. With EFT you can easily master this psychological fear.

Even though I believe all mice carry death and disease… Even though I think I’ll die because I have rats in my home…

Childhood Trauma

Often something will occur to you, which will let you have a substantial emotional reaction to rats and mice.

1 thing I recall was the movie, The Secret of Nimh. That was enough to make me hid and hate vermin full stop. It was dark, scary and loud. As a kid you just learn things from your parents, television, Daytona Beach Raccoon Removal and the movies without even knowing it.

Rat Training

Mice and rats can be trained to do plenty of tricks and rats may also be toilet trained. Rats are quicker learners than mice having an equal intelligence to dogs. They are very food orientated and will soon learn to do something if food is offered as a reward. Mice and rats can be trained to run through mini agility courses which you can make yourself from pieces of wood.

I found a mouse circus business for sale on the internet once. It came with travelling van, all the equipment including miniature Ferris wheels, tunnels, climbing equipment, lights, bells and whistles of course, 40 breeding mice! Can you imagine travelling from town to town just like a real circus only all your performers where the size of a walnut?

If you wish to train your rat or mouse to run through a maze or an obstacle course teach it one piece of equipment at one time. Give it a treat when it completes it and then add another piece of gear and give it a treat when it completes the second one. Eventually you can put all the pieces together rather than treat after each one as the animal learns to complete the course. If you wish to introduce sounds or bells, introduce them to a rat or mouse from one or two rooms away so you don’t scare them.

When I trained my rat I used yogurt drops broken into small pieces and a training clicker. I trained him to ride on a remote control car. It was quite successful for a while until my border collie found the whole thing a little too ‘interesting’! Clickers cost between $6 and $10. They are predominantly utilised to train horses and dogs, but they work just as well on rats.

If you have a curious pet, you are able to reward its unusual behaviour by giving it a treat each time it does it. Something is living in my attic, The creature will soon learn how to repeat the behaviour for a treat. Shy rats and mice can be tricky to train so it’s advisable that you handle the animal for a little while before purchasing it.

Female rats are easier to toilet train than males because males have a propensity to mark new areas with their urine (this includes anyone who picks them up). I’ve old t shirts and jumpers that I use when handling any of my animals just in case.

To toilet train your rat set a small tray in their cage with some bedding material. Place some of their droppings in it. If you’re knowledgeable about clicker training you could also use this or you could praise your rat each time it goes close to the tray.

Persevere with this type of training as it might take your rat some time to work out what you need. Always reward and encourage, never punish or hit your pet as it will learn to mistrust you and make training difficult.

Hunting Dogs

Are you an avid hunter? If yes, then why don’t you adopt a dog who will be your very best companion when you head out for hunting? We don’t advocate forcing you or someone to be a dog trainer overnight, but hunting dogs are kind of built for this purpose and can give hunters a true advantage.

For those who have been thinking that dogs are only meant for protecting a house against intruders or merely a cuddling partner, then you are seriously mistaken. But before you’re planning to take ANY dog for hunting, ensure you train him very well and ideally that they are a hunting dog in the first place, constructed for a particular animal hunt!

If you are enthusiastic about hunting, then there are a number of things which you can do. Either you will need to hire a professional trainer who would train your adorable little pup, or else, you will need to train your pup yourself. Have no idea about training your hunting dog? Don’t worry here are some ideas that can enable you to prepare your dog for hunting. And educated you a little about what it might take.

How to prepare your pet for searching

Deal with the dog’s weight: If you think that feeding your dog more and more food will make him much healthier and fitter for hunting, then this is a major misconception. Feeding too much food will make your dog obese and he/she will not be able to hunt properly. So, make sure you adjust your dog’s diet thoroughly months before you take it out for hunting. And discount commercial dog food if you would like your dog to be at its finest. A real diet contains a lot of meat and bones in the ideal proportion.

Make sure your dog does regularly exercise: If you have been thinking that only humans need to exercise in order to remain healthy, then you are incorrect. Dogs especially need to work out to be able to stay very healthy. Therefore, if you want your dog to be a superb hunter (and to be alert and listen to you), make him perform various exercises on a regular basis so he remains in great shape and can cope with any sort of unfavorable issues during the hunting session. Exercise should be daily off lead dog park visits as well as training exercises for your particular hunting needs Something is living in my attic.

Take your dog to a vet before taking him/her for hunting: There are many people who think that their hunting dogs are born hunters and won’t ever let them down when it comes to hunting. But, this is absolutely wrong. Your puppy might fall under the hunter group, but he/she may not be fit for searching. Therefore, you must first pay a visit to a veterinary doctor and plan about hunting.

Also bear in mind that even hunting dogs will need to have the right temperament. Enthusiastic and wanting to get to prey, not too timid, and ones who will listen to recall and the rest of the commands you may teach it.

Take care of your dog’s fleas/ticks: because you’re taking your dog for hunting, I am sure you will be taking your doggy into a forest or any area where there is loads of plants, trees and shrubs. And where there are trees and plants, there needs to be ticks and fleas. So, make sure you take your pet to the vet and he prescribes oral or physical medicines so that ticks and fleas do not feed your dog. And also ask the doctor to confirm your veterinarian and ask them to check if there are any /fleas left or not.

Did you know that may tick and flea medications are preventers or just ward off adults but a few don’t affect the eggs or vice versa. Sometimes flea bathes need to be used in conjunction with monthly pill remedies.

These were some of the tips that can allow you to prepare your pooch for hunting. Thus, follow these suggestions and accordingly prepare you hunting or water dog.

Irish Dog Breeds

Listed below are a few breeds that originate from the great island of Ireland and a few neat facts about them:

* Glen of Imaal Terrier: Though this specific breed makes a great companion dog, they can readily be trained to hunt badgers, foxes and even mice. This breed makes a perfect family pet but can be stubborn and aggressive at times.

She is intelligent, athletic and courageous – all ideal characteristics for a field dog.

Makes a perfect hunting dog as he is easily able to adapt to many different climates and terrain.

Pam Talley’s BARF dog, Clancy, was a gorgeous Irish Setter. The Irish Setter breed is known for it’s distinct solid red coat.

* Irish Terrier: This breed is over two thousand years old and a close relative to the wirehaired fox terrier. Nicknamed the “little daredevil” this breed is known for her outstanding courage and is usually trained to hunt Something is living in my attic, retrieve and even relay messages during times of war.

* Irish Water Spaniel: Thought to be a cross between a poodle and Irish setter, this cheerfully obedient breed is bright and easily trained to assist the avid bird hunter. Unfortunately his curly coat is a handful to maintain but when done properly makes for a magnificent looking dog.

* Irish Wolfhound: Originally used to hunt wolves from the Celtics, this breed was later brought to Ireland from the Romans where it had been influenced by the Great Dane and deerhound breeds. Makes a wonderful companion dog though he does have a tendency to prefer a single master. Well suited as a hunting dog or guard dog but does require a great deal of room to run.

As you can see from the picture above, the Irish Wolfhound is a large breed dog reaching heights of 31-35 inches and weighing over 119 lbs.

* Kerry Beagle: One of the earliest native Irish strains, the Kerry beagle is thought to be a descendant of the Celtic Hound. The Kerry beagle is widely used for hunting and odor monitoring though she also makes a wonderful pet. One thing to consider is that she needs constant exercise – routine walks two to three times a day is vital.

* Kerry Blue Terrier (Irish Blue Terrier): A cross between the Irish terrier and the Dandie Dinmont, the Kerry Blue Terrier was developed by Irish shepherds throughout the 1700’s. The Kerry blue has become the symbol of Ireland. Even though somewhat stubborn, this strain is trainable to be a faithful part of the family. Frequently used as a hunting dog, retriever, guard dog, mouser, and police canine.

Decision Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier: A strong yet stylish dog, the soft-coated wheaten terrier is known to be a truly versatile dog and is employed as a guard dog, herding dog, and hunting dog. Fully adaptable, he’s happy indoors or outdoors and makes a great family companion.

The Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier weighs about 35 lbs. And known for his thick, soft, wheat coloured coat.

As you can see, Ireland is blessed with so many breeds of dogs it would be difficult to pick a favorite. It is quite amazing that the Irish have so many different types of dogs on such a small island, all with varied personalities, uses and characteristics. No wonder the Irish are these great dog fans!

Taking Fido on Vacation

Traveling with pets, without proper planning and preparation may be a nightmare for the two of you. Depending upon your destination, the preparations are similar: have your pet examined to make sure it’s healthy enough for travel, obtain the proper paperwork, pack for your pet’s needs, train your pet for travel and when necessary, have your pet groomed. By following these 7 tips, you and your pet can have a safe and enjoyable trip.

1) Have your pet examined by your veterinarian; verify it’s healthy enough for traveling, that their vaccinations are current and obtain a Health Certificate and a Rabies certificate. Vaccinations differ from country to country so let your vet know if you’re traveling out of the country. You should also research the destination country as to other requirements for traveling with pets there.

2) Paperwork required for traveling with pets is usually the same whether traveling by air, rail, ship or road: health & rabies certificate, vaccination history and sometimes; proof of ownership.

3) Pack some of your pets’ favorite toys, blankets, utensils, food, leash and water. Make sure your pet has a collar (check it for wear and fit) with ID and rabies tags on it. Don’t wait until you’re ready to get in the car to teach your cat to wear a collar.

Don’t feed your pet a full meal before leaving; a small meal a few hours before the trip is better for them.

5) Start training your furry friend to travel about a month before your trip. Obtain a traveling cage or crate; let them smell it, go in and out of it on their own for some time, then start finishing them in it for longer and longer periods of time. A word of advice ; only let them out when they’re calm and ac-cepting of the cage. If you let them out while they are agitated, you’re only teaching them to misbehave inside. You can’t expect your pet that has never left the comfort of its home to understand that the noisy, smelly box (car) you just stuck them is secure.

6) When traveling with pets, call ahead to make sure your destination allows pets, more and more hotels/motels are adapting pets. Research where you’ll stop every 2 or 3 hours to rest, water, Raccoon Removal Fort Lauderdale, FL, and exercise your pet.

7) Traveling with your pet requires some extra forethought, planning and packaging, but the reward is a safe, healthy and enjoyable trip for both you and your pet. Have a great time!